You have your home listed for sale.  Are you really ready to sell?

Sellers today are anxious to sell their homes.  They want to spruce it up, get it show ready, do everything they can to be ready when a buyer comes along and they get the word out to everyone they know.  Then, nothing.  No showings, no inquiries, no activity.  They get discouraged, start feeling like they are not going to move the property, and generally have a feeling that the home is not going to sell.  They get on with their life, stop tidying up each day, plan parties and company on the weekends, go on vacations.  All of a sudden, out of left field, the Realtor calls to set up a showing.  Like death, it comes as a complete shock to the seller.  They scramble, they are not ready, the house is a mess, the family is coming for the weekend, there is no way they can show the home.  They tell the Realtor that the home cannot be shown this time.

This is missed opportunity.  It could be the one person that would have bought the home.  But, with so much inventory on the market, they will go look at other homes instead and perhaps forget about your home.  They may never get a chance to re-visit and never see your home.  A chance to sell the home was lost.

Always be ready sellers.  Just like death, it comes quickly and with no warning.  But all of a sudden a buyer will appear.  Try to always make accomodation to show the home.  It may be easier to have the family step out for a bit and let the home be shown.  A buyer may not make another visit.  Try to keep it tidy so that you are not in a pinch when a buyer shows up.  The burden is on the seller to always have the home show ready.  Keep encouraged when trying to sell your home.  Remember there is a buyer for everything.  When they show up is always a mystery.

Be ready to sell!