Are you getting ready to sell your home?  Do you imagine that the market time is coming soon?  Perhaps you are thinking the time to get on market is by June when summer is beginning?  NOT SO MUCH!  The time to get your home on market is NOW!

The selling season in our local market area begins early in the year.  By March 1st the serious buyers are out and about.  This year, 2018, the buyers have been busy little beavers in February.  Sales are up for the February month compared to 2017.  Another reason to get on market, is to make sure your home is in the print marketing that brokers are doing.  To get their catalogs complete and ready for release by Memorial Weekend, most deadlines are the first part of April.  So getting it done early gives you the best chance at selling. 





What does it take to get your home on market? 

Working with a real estate professional to get your home on market would be the first step.  A good agent will guide you through the process.  They will explain the contracts needed, and give guidance on marketing, negotiating, closing costs, work with you through and beyond closing, etc.  They are invaluable when selling one of your largest assets.  

You want to show your home in the best light.  So a good cleaning and general maintenance items are always a good idea.  Is there wood trim on the outside of your home that needs touch up paint?  Does the carpet need cleaning?  The little things make a big difference.  It shows pride of ownership and that you care about and have cared for your home.  When the home maintenance shows well, it gives your home a price boost.  Make sure you have staged the home a bit so the photographs are showing space.  De-clutter the home and make it show space.  Make sure the outside is cleaned up and the lawn mowed for photos.  Curb appeal is important for your home.  Make them want to come inside from the outside!

When you home is on market, keep up with the work your agent is doing to market your home.  You can look up your marketing by typing in your address on your internet search bar and see the on-line marketing.  Keep in mind that certain websites take the information your agent has shared and re-worked it so it might not be accurate.  The best and most complete information always comes from a real estate professional.

For more information on listing your home, please contact me.  I can share with you and make it easy for you to get your home on market.  Call today - our selling season is here!

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