Look at the home prices going up, up, up.  According to the National Association of Realtors, home sales are off to a great start for 2017 - up 3.3% nationally.  It is the largest increase in ten years according to NAR; everywhere except the midwest.  

Is the home price increase real?  Seller's are sure anxious to get the most for their home, understandably.  But are they being realistic?  We sure do not want to inflate prices so high that the home sits on the market and does not sell.  That is not a good outcome for any buyer.  

Data can be a wonderful tool and when used properly can bring a wealth of information to any buyer or seller.  Be sure to look at the data for your area when buying or selling a home.  Your real estate professional can help you acquire this information and also help you to know what the market in your specific area is doing.  Just because you are an hour away from an area that may be experiencing super hot sales - does not mean that it is happening in your specific market.  

Keep it real - know what your market is doing and get it priced right!  Set yourself up for success every time when you get the price right!

If you need help with your home sale be sure to let me know!